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Thread: Troubleshooting Tips?

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    Troubleshooting Tips?

    I have not run into a lot of troubleshooting in the last year because I strive to do it right the first time so I feel pretty shaky on determining the cause of a problem when one arises. By far, I have only received progressive lenses back as a result. The problems I have narrowed in on are PD measurements and lens types. However, troubleshooting feels like such a painful process for me just because I do not have a discerning eye or enough experience to compile a checklist for the process.

    Do you have any tips or tricks that I should keep in mind when troubleshooting?

    Or maybe even common problems or patterns you have noticed with the different lens types?
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    Darryl wrote a really straight forward progressive dispensing guide which includes basic troubleshooting.

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