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    Superior vision

    Our office is considering dropping VSP & looking into accepting Superior Vision insurance. Can anyone send me some feedback on Superior? Can we do the lab work or is it thru Superior? I've heard of Superior & by looking into it, it appears that Sears,Target, Walmart, Eyemart are also accepting it. Is this worth moving forward as a provider? or can anyone recommend a good replacement to VSP? Any input is greatly appreciated.
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    We took Superior Vision about dropped it because they cut reimbursements to levels lower then our lab bills. If it has not changed (and we dropped it just before the merger with Block Vision) it was an open system with fairly easy rules. They had X number of dollars towards a frame and the basic lenses(SV, FT28, 7x28) were covered (less copay) with discounts on some of the add ons. There were no formularies and no limits on labs, you just had to be able to prove you made the lenses upon request. There were not many members in our area, about 1 for every 25-30 VSP members but local conditions may vary.

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    We use Superior Vision b/c the local hospital has it as their insurance. You can make the lenses in your own lab and afaik they are pretty quick with payments and don't have too many issues. Though I don't do the billing, just the selling :)

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    No rules as far as what lab you use. Usually they get a frame allowance and basic lenses are covered. Some plans offer a 20% discount on add ons. Be careful though. Anyone can pull an authorization (Example. Provider A pulls an authorization for materials in their office while Provider B across state also pulls an authorization for materials as well). Obtaining an authorization doesn't guarantee payment so if you are obtaining an authorization for a patient, you may want to talk to a live operator and make sure there isn't any pending claims against the member's benefit
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