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Thread: donating unsold frames

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    donating unsold frames

    Anyone know a charitable organization that accepts frames only (and really uses them)? Most I know want the complete frame and lens.

    Over the years I've accumulated the odd lot that are virtually unsaleable and not needed for parts. Some are also from unwise buys of frame "grab bags".

    They would be good for an overseas mission that plans on edging.


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    Yes. I volunteer at The Community Clinic at St. Francis House in Springdale, AR. We are always looking for new/unused frames that we can use. The doctor donates his/her time for the eye exam and we supply one pair of glasses to the patient. We see those who cannot afford medical care and do not have insurance.

    Our eye clinic runs two nights a month, The Community Clinic also runs a dental and medical clinic. They are non-profit - the doctors and techs are all volunteers. Great organization here in the U.S.

    Would be happy to pay postage and could get a receipt to you for your donation for a tax deduction.


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    The Lion's Club also takes same and distributes them to third world needy (mostly South America) on it's do-gooder trips.


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    Old Frames

    I've been donating completes to the Lions Club for years. As far as I know, they only take frames with lenses.

    I also have a horrid "grab bag" of awful frames. I inherited many from our buying group which were distributed among the opticals when a few chose to go back private. I can't get rid of these things, they're discontinued in many cases and are high end!
    Even the 50% off sales I've had, no bites! I have to look at them at every inventory inbetween!

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    Big Smile frames

    :D lynn, we do take frames only and if you want to send them to me i,ll make sure they get to my lions club

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