Eyewear in Canada

Eyewear in Canada remains a consolidated industry

Sales of eyewear in Canada remain divided between a small number of large multinational eyewear companies, which between them account for nearly all of the recognisable brands in the industry. This high level of sales divided among such a small number of companies has made it incredibly difficult for new players to enter the industry. In contact lenses, there are four US-based pharmaceutical companies which dominate sales, trading on their vast experience of scientific progress and innovation. In spectacles, there is a higher number of brands present offering spectacles frames as there is more room for a more diverse range of fashionable styles, although almost of them are manufactured by Luxottica Group SpA, irrespective of the brand under which they are sold.

The importance of e-retailing continues to grow in eyewear in Canada

The retailing of eyewear in Canada remains concentrated in the hands of very few optical goods stores. This is because of the strict regulation of the retailing of eyewear in Canada, which prevents the sale of contact lenses and prescription spectacles throughout any retailer which is not officially certified and registered to do so.
As the internet continues to encroach on more aspects of life in Canada, the country’s eyewear industry is being strong influenced as well. Online sales of contact lenses continue to increase among Canadians, with Clearly Contacts leading development and growth in this area. The choice of products and prices charged online are driving increasing numbers of consumers to turn to internet retailing when making purchasing decisions. The influence of internet retailing in the retail distribution of eyewear in Canada thus continues to grow at the expense of traditional store-based retail outlets.

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