I'm in the process of selecting and comparing software programs for my dispensary. Currently we are using an outdated version of Officemate. The doctors don't want to invest the $5K to upgrade it, but want a program that can "do it all" for as cheaply as possible. My docs don't want to spend more than $125.00 a month. I'm looking for a program which also facilitates Medicare post-cat eyewear along with the usual retail aspects, inventory control and accounting. We do not accept any vision plans at this time. Only Medicare and perhaps Medicaid for glasses later on. I'm unable to find a program that will bill directly to Medicare w/o going thru a "clearinghouse".

Does anyone have an opinion about Wink? I can keep the free Wink trial long as I want. And, has anyone heard of one called Flexsys which can do everything but is costly? Anyone have any experience with Blink?

I am open to any suggestions of systems to look at and your reviews of same.