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Thread: Optometry in 2035. Does it exist?

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    I got something in the mail today. My sense is that this "invite" has been mailed to all ODs and OMDs across Canada. Given their target audience, some general MDs may have been targeted as well.


    It says it was launched on Aug 15, 2018. There isn't a lot of info in the packet that was mailed to me, so I visited the website, and from what I gather, it is a "telemedicine", remote-ophthalmology platform. It seems the idea is that any patients I need an OMD consult for (they claim an ability to manage glaucoma, cataract, cornea, neuro, and retina), I can send to them. Now as of today, not all the links on the website are working, so I only see various pictures and some title-headers, but my sense of the platform is as such: I'll have some internet-connected computer in my exam room. It'll have a camera. If I get a patient I need a consult for, I'll be able to do a face-time thing with a live ophthalmologist somewhere. He/she will be able to view what I see from my slit-lamp (so my slit-lamp will have a digital-camera as well). Because there is some sign-up involved, and they claim rapid access to my clinical charts, then for my computer to participate in their platform, it will have to download certain software and I will have to use "their" charts.

    I have no idea if this will get off the ground. Is it futuristic? Yes. Is it conceivable that such a telemedicine platform can succeed? Yes. Is THIS particular group the one that will succeed in making such a telemedicine platform widespread? That I don't know. First, if they are going to announce a "launch" of their platform on Aug 15, and mail invites to professionals across the country, then they should at least ensure their website is up-to-date and working properly. The "Our Work", "Learn More", and "Join Us" links, and all links beginning halfway down the page aren't working. The "Medical Director", who signs the invite letter I got, a Dr. Mahta Rasouli, says in multiple online bios that she is the recipient of an "Outstanding Canadian Youth Medal". That particular bio is in several places online. When I Google "Outstanding Canadian Youth Medal" in order to see what it is, the only places on the web that reference such an award are links of the same biography. I think if you're going to feature a big award in a widely-circulated biographical profile, then you should at least get the name of it written correctly.

    Anyways - just nitpicking some stuff. But if you're going to try to revolutionize eyecare, that will require a LOT of work, and a LOT has to be done right. If whoever is in charge isn't looking after little details like this, my sense is that there'll be another company that will.

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