Welcome to the OptiBoard Community Newsletter for January 2002!

Today's Date is: 01-08-2003. This newsletter covers activity activity since 12-01-2002.

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OptiBoard members have decided the most popular new forum would be a 'Product Review Forum'. Here is the thread discussing this forum and the ways to handle this:


We are now looking for volunteers to help organize and help manage this new forum as part of a 'Product Review Forum Panel' to help administer this. If you are interested in participating, please contact smachol@optiboard.com explaining how you'd like to participate and what expertise and qualifications you have that would be helpful in this project.

This month's featured member is:

Bev Heishman

Bev has been a member of OptiBoard since June 2002. According to one of our Moderators, Bev "may be one of our quiet regular members but she has alway been around to help members who post questions or ask for opinions." Bev is also one of the most reliable contributors to the Education and Professional Association forum, providing members with her considerable knowledge in this area.

Congratulations Bev, and thanks for being a valuable member of the OptiBoard Community!


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Title: "Another Hornets Nest...............Optical Trade Magazines" (posted 11-10-2002 by Chris Ryser)
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Title: "Is the country better off since the 2000 election?" (posted 11-04-2002 by Steve Machol)
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Title: "Should Opticians Refract - The Poll" (posted 06-08-2001 by Pete Hanlin)
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Title: "Trivex. Are you using it?" (posted 10-31-2002 by HarryC)
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Title: "Progressive Lens Design: Where do we go from here?" (posted 04-15-2002 by Steve Machol)
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Title: "Who Is Your Favorite Lens Manufacturer and Why?" (posted 08-31-2001 by Jo)
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Title: "Armani" (posted 11-21-2002 by Mikol)
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Threads with the most views:

Title: "What is your favorite lens material?" (posted 08-31-2001 by Jo)
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Title: "world wide" (posted 06-05-2001 by John R)
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Title: "Who is your favorite frame manufacturer and why?" (posted 12-18-2001 by Jo)
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Title: "OptiBoard Member of the Year Contest!" (posted 12-08-2002 by Steve Machol)
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Title: "The Transitions Challenge" (posted 03-10-2002 by Jo)
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Title: "Eyewear Abuse" (posted 09-04-2001 by optigoddess)
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Title: "Advantages of Licenses" (posted 05-21-2002 by chip anderson)
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Title: "New Sola Teflon coating" (posted 11-25-2002 by LO1007)
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Title: "???hippa???" (posted 10-17-2002 by Johns)
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Title: "Optical Trade Shows - Cont'd" (posted 11-07-2002 by SuziBlueEyes)
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Title: "Gerber Coburn Offers Newest Concept in Lens Analysis" (posted 01-08-2003 by Newsroom)
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Title: "Shooting frames" (posted 01-08-2003 by varmint)
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Title: "tinkering with polarization" (posted 01-08-2003 by Jeff Trail)
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Title: "frame boards" (posted 01-08-2003 by mwk)
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Title: "Hi Index Lens Formula" (posted 01-08-2003 by SMW)
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Title: "Thimerosal" (posted 01-07-2003 by Jo)
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Title: "Have you ever wondered?" (posted 01-07-2003 by chip anderson)
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Title: "Live Eyewear Appoints Reiss As Product Manager" (posted 01-07-2003 by Newsroom)
o http://www.optiboard.com/forums/show...&threadid=6214

Title: "Transitions to Debut New TV Ad in March 2003" (posted 01-07-2003 by Newsroom)
o http://www.optiboard.com/forums/show...&threadid=6213

Title: "Do you ever wonder" (posted 01-07-2003 by John R)
o http://www.optiboard.com/forums/show...&threadid=6212


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o New members: 72 (2,011 current total*)
o New message threads: 167 (5,973 current total)
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o Total hits: 1,307,309
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* Some obsolete memberships were removed last month.


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