FEA Industries announces their Eagle lenses with Camber technology are now available in three additional free-form progressive lens designs. These additional designs are intended to be used when you want a specific performance from your lens.

Eagle – Focused on distance viewing, ideal for patients that want a clear-across-the-180 lens

Eagle Precision – This lens is focused more on reading than distance. This makes it perfect for an indoor progressive lens, when you spend most of your time in the distance or intermediate parts of the lens.

Eagle Apprentice – The Apprentice is geared towards first-time progressive lens wearers. It is optimized to give them the easiest adaptation with minimal swim or sway.

Camber lenses were previously only available in one design, the Eagle Balance, which is a lens design that offers a balanced focus on all areas of the lens.

Camber lens technology is provided by IOT and Younger Optics. It combines complex curves on both the front and back of a lens to provide excellent vision correction.