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Thread: What to do with Old Equipment

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    Confused What to do with Old Equipment

    I have A old (really old) Eyesys 2000 Topographer sitting in my office gaining a layer of Dust. Our doctor wants to get rid of it but we don't know what to do with it. The manufacturer is not buying them back nor do they want the parts, we tried Donating it to VOSH but even tho all the equipment is working and the old windows 98 computer is functional it needs software which cost a lot of money ($999) so they do not want the unit. Does anyone have any advice on what to do with this Unit, that doesn't involve throwing it away?

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    Call around to local computer equipment recyclers. Nowadays, you can't just throw computer equipment in the garbage because of hazmat laws, especially with things like CRT tubes.

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    You should reach out to your local Lions Club- they take older diagnostic and lab equipment and ship it to countries that have limited resources and access to these things. If you're local Lions club isn't interested, PM me and I'll make some inquiries within my contacts. I am in SF Bay area and know some high level Lions.

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    It's worthless. Send it out to the recycler.

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