May 16, 2015

Once thought of as an 'antiquated' lens material, glass has been making a resurgence in a number of different areas. From safety applications to high-end, premium sunwear, many patients feel that glass gives them a clearer, crisper view of the world, while being extremely scratch resistant.
Combining the benefits of glass with digital full-backside designs, we are able to broaden the availability of glass progressive lenses significantly.

Shamir Spectrum and Shamir InTouch are now available in the following glass colors:

1.523 Index:
White, Photogray, Photobrown, Fixed Tints*, Polarized*, Thin & Dark
*Numerous color options available

1.60 Index:
White, Photogray, Photobrown

In the United States, the only lab currently providing these designs in glass is FEA Industries. They are making these products available to all Eyecare Professionals, and also have an inter-lab program for other Shamir authorized free-form labs.

You can view the complete material availability guides for both the InTouch and the Spectrum.