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    I'd like to know whether it is required for optical labs to have some type of ventilation installed. There's a lab in the store I work at and there isn't any type of ventilator installed, only a cheap air purifier.. I've been suffering migraines for years now and I really do believe the fumes from all the edging is causing it. Also does anyone have MSDS sheet from essilor (varilux lenses) ?

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    I dunno if there is any regulations regarding ventilation in optical labs and if any do exist it could vary state to state. I know when I was still working for LC we would on occasion get complaints from mall management about the fumes coming from our lab. (Usually happened when we were edging hi index lenses)
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    It depends on your state/local OSHA regulations. If you are having problems, I would suggest that you discuss it with the lab manager, and if you don't have any luck there, talk to the store manager. *IF* that fails, you can call your state OSHA department and make an inquiry about requirements.

    Generally speaking, in any production facility where any type of odorous fume is generated, especially those with any persistence, a certain number of air exchanges should be made. The number is based on what the odor is, and what your specific state requires. An air exchange is the number of times the air in the room(s) are changed with fresh air. Take the number of cubic feet (length times width times height all in feet) and divide that by the amount of fresh air coming in per minute.

    Example: An 8 foot by 8 foot room with an 8 foot high ceiling has 512 cubic feet of air. If fresh air is supplied at the rate of 240 CFM per minute, you are changing the air in the room every 2.13 minutes.

    By federal law, all manufacturing facilities in the US are required to have an MSDS for each product that they process, as well as any cleaners, soaps, etc. These are supposed to be filed where anyone can view them without interruption or inquiry.

    Good luck.

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    Optiboard has been talking about this for a long time. This is one of the better threads about fumes and ventilation-

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    You can get MSDS Data Sheets directly from the manufacturers of the product or you can go here:

    and, you had yea best post them in a conspicuous location.

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