ZEISS Announces Progressive Precision Family with Digital Inside Technology
Outstanding All-Day Vision with Digital Eye Strain Relief

San Diego, April 1, 2015

Digital device viewing has become an integral part of daily life, with the result that 90% of the adult population is at risk for Digital Eye Strain. Recognizing an unmet need among progressive wearers, ZEISS has introduced the Precision family of progressive lenses, with Digital Inside technology that reduces the symptoms of Digital Eye Strain for frequent users of smart phones, tablets, and other digital devices.
According to the Vision Council, adults check their mobile phones an average of 100 times per day, and many spend up to nine hours per day viewing some kind of digital screen. said Uli Krauss, President and CEO of ZEISS Vision Care North America. This means that to provide outstanding all-day vision, progressive designs must help patients view their digital devices without strain. The new ZEISS Progressive Precision lenses provide the complete viewing experience wearers need today.

Digital devices pose problems for presbyopes, because the typical viewing distance is shorter than for reading printed matter, requiring greater convergence. Digital Inside technology accounts for both the shorter reading distance and increased convergence, so wearers have a clear and comfortable view of a digital screen or a printed page.

The new family includes ZEISS Precision Pure, ZEISS Precision Plus, ZEISS Precision Superb, with the upgraded ZEISS Individual 2 remaining the flagship ZEISS progressive. In addition to Digital Inside technology, new technologies include:

FrameFit+ Technology provides an optimal near zone even in challenging frames like aviators. The corridor is determined not just by fitting height, but by the specific shape of the patients chosen frame. FrameFit+ is available on ZEISS Precision Plus, Precision Superb, and Individual 2.

Luminance Design Technology rather than using simple single ray tracing, ZEISS now delivers the optimal lens design based on full light bundles measured across the pupil, for increased clarity at all light levels. Luminance Design Technology is available on the flagship ZEISS progressive, ZEISS Individual 2.

Last year we launched ZEISS Digital Lens, which provides digital viewing support for Millennials, said Krauss. With the launch of these new products, we now have a full line of lenses that address the digital viewing needs that most wearers have. We are excited to be able to help ECPs address the full spectrum of vision challenges their patients face every day.