MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- The AR Council elected one new member to their Board of Directors for the coming year during their recent annual meeting, held immediately preceding the OLA in Indianapolis. Officers and Board members for 2003 are as follows:

Nick Mileti (Cole National)

Immediate Past President and Treasurer:
Don Quinn (Lens Technology I, LLC)

Vice President-Technology:
Scott Rickert (NanoFilm, Ltd.)

Mark Imus (Innova, Ltd.)

Board Members:
Dennis Benedict (Benedict Optical, HOLA)
Craig Giles (Soderberg, Inc.)
Jeff Grumbling (WalMart Vision Centers)
Jack Jue (I-Coat/JL Optical)
Rick Piper (Essilor of America)
Amie Stock (Walman Optical) - NEW

In celebration of their 10th Anniversary, the Council was pleased to honor four individuals who were key in the development and formation of the AR Council. They were:

Russ Custer
Frank Giammonco
Carmel Monti
John Young

Each was presented with a special award in recognition of their visionary leadership and continued support towards the advancement of anti-reflective lenses.

The AR Council will continue their focus for the coming year on educating and assisting ECP’s on how to sell AR, motivating the consumer to buy, and bringing technological expertise to all of our members. Twenty-three Uniform Test Procedures have been approved by the AR Council membership. For the coming year, the Technology Committee will place its primary focus on further developing its Best Practices guidelines. “With membership at an all-time high, 2003 will see the Council able to grow our efforts with consumers and ECP’s, while increasing the activities of the Technology Committee,” concluded Lee Anderson, Executive Director.

To inquire about membership or for additional information, please contact the AR Council directly at arcouncil@aol.com or 877.254.4477.