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Thread: Acuvue 1-Day Define

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    Wave Acuvue 1-Day Define

    So what does everyone think about the new Acuvue Define lens? Got my samples this morning and tried them all. As it was explained to me the Shine was for dark eyes but for me (green eyes) it looked the best on. Wondering if the lenses will be popular in the market and how many consumers will be interested in the design of this lens. I can see how older CL patients with Arcus Senilis will benefit. What are your thoughts?
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    Our location received Define around November or December. We cater to a mostly Asian market (Chinatown) so obviously a lot of dark eyes. My manager has tried it on in all the different styles (She has dark eyes too) and you can barely tell the difference. We have yet to sell it yet and mainly still selling Freshlook for their color contacts which are more obvious on darker eyes. For lighter colored eyes, it makes the outline around the pupil more "defined" but the contacts themselves don't make that huge of a color difference.

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    We got them in and a few staff tried them and couldn't stand them past 3 hours...some had the lenses moving all over their eye...

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    I just popped them in about two hours ago. I noticed that they slide down my eye after a while.

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