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Thread: Full time Optician Needed (Atlanta, GA)

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    Full time Optician Needed (Atlanta, GA)

    At Eye Elements, your vision and eye health is our number one priority. We are a full-service eye clinic serving the greater Atlanta area. Our doctors and staff members are dedicated to serving your every need to keep our patients eyes healthy. We are looking for an Optician to grow with our practice. Email with you resume if you are interested

    • Interpretation of prescriptions written by ophthalmologists and optometrists
    • Helping clients select eyeglass and lens treatments including tints and coatings
    • Creating work orders for lab technicians to ensure delivery of the proper lenses
    • Adjusting eyeglasses to ensure a proper fit
    • Repairing broken frames
    • Educating clients on proper eyeglass and contact lens care
    • Keeping track of orders, prescriptions, and inventory
    • Filing Vision Insurance
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