We are looking for anyone with a little experience that wants to learn. They should be eager and punctual! We take most insurances but we will train you on how to handle authorizations.
Duties will include BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO:

Explaining insurance plans to patients to make sure customers know what they are getting and what to expect. We do NOT oversell here! We want to grow our practice with referrals and repeat customers! We work on MERIT based raises! We do not work off of commission at all (at this time). We are computerized and need to be paper-free as soon as possible. We use state of the art tablets and computer systems to make your job easier and , in turn, patients lives easier. There is cross training for all aspects of the company. We are not an organization that will leave you in a position you are not comfortable with, especially if you show promise in another area. All staff are trained to do front desk duties, sales and repairs, adjustments, etc.

The company has seen tremendous growth in the 3 years it has been in business because we focus on our customers and train our employees to understand the "Why" and "How" not just the "What". We care more about education, our employees and our customers, and this comes through in our online presence.

Please email or respond to this post to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.