Welcome to the OptiBoard Community Newsletter for December 2002!

Today's Date is: 12-08-2002. This newsletter covers activity activity since 11-01-2002.

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We've decided to have an open poll so our members can choose the person they think should be OptiBoarder of the Year. The nominees are taken from the list of all 17 previous Member of the Month winners. They are:

Jeff Trail (Aug 2001)
Harry A Saake (Sep 2001)
Cindy Hamlin (Oct 2001)
Jim G (Nov 2001)
sandeepgoodbole (Dec 2001)
Don Lee (Jan 2002)
MYEYES (Feb 2002)
ioconnel (Mar 2002)
JERRY HUANG (Apr 2002)
Jackie L (May 2002)
Tim Hunter (Jun 2002)
wmcdonald aka Warren McDonald (Jul 2002)
Sean (Aug 2002)
Chip Anderson (Sep 2002)
SarahR (Oct 2002)
JRS (Nov 2002)
Suzy W (Dec 2002)

Look for the Member of the Year poll here:



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This month's featured member is:

Suzy W

Suzy has been a member of OptiBoard since July 2000. According to one of the Moderators, "Suzy is a lovely person and has made the board better for her having been here." In addition Suzy recently got married on the Bord. Well not exactly 'on the Board', but she did share her wedding plans and photos with her friends on OptiBoard.

Congratulations Suzy W, and thanks for being a valuable member of the OptiBoard Community!


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Title: "Strange Facts!" (posted 07-31-2002 by Sean)
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Title: "Let's Improve OptiBoard!" (posted 07-09-2002 by Steve Machol)
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Title: "Eyewear Abuse" (posted 09-04-2001 by optigoddess)
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Title: "Thinnest +10.00" (posted 12-05-2002 by LENNY)
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We had the following activity in November:

o New members: 67 (1,940 current total*)
o New message threads: 175 (5,803 current total)
o New posts: 1,553 (44,564 current total)
o Total hits: 784,148
o Total unique visits: 10,274
o Total Kb downloaded in November: 1,876,533 KileBytes of information!

* Some obsolete memberships were removed last month.


Once again, thanks to all of you for your support and for helping make OptiBoard truly the 'Premier Online Community of Eyecare Professionals Worldwide!'

Steve Machol
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