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    How easy is LINDBERG to work with as a company?
    Do they have fair policies as far as buy-in, exchanges, shipping or is it a headache?
    Who distributes in US?

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    Our office is a fairly big Lindberg account and they are a great company to work with. I'm not sure of the current buy-in number although I'm sure its decent size. As long as both the office and patient have the understanding that these are made-to-order frames from Denmark/Philippines that take about 10 business days to arrive, its a great addition to any office (given the clientele base to support the pricing.) Its also a great way to offer a 'custom-made' frame collection w/o having all the T. Davies measuring device nonsense.

    They do have a return policy even for custom ordered frames, a great 3 year warranty, and their website for distributors is getting better all the time (they now have videos on mounting, drilling, adjusting, color grooving, etc.)

    There is certainly a learning curve just to sell the frames because there are SO MANY variables the patient can choose from, not to mention the customization available in the different collections offered.

    If you're looking for a unique established collection using high-tech materials and manufacturing, I encourage you to look at Lindberg.

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    Lindberg is our top selling line and will always be as along as they are presented to the clients. We carry over 100 pieces at all times but we get frames from them in 5 days or so and the lenses are always waiting. They are the easiest thing to work with if you are set up properly.

    We also love Tom Davies and the new website is amazing!!

    We could use only those 2 vendors and cover most of our clients needs.

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    We never had any problems with Lindberg. They have a very clear concept, you have to be prepared to do things the Lindberg way.
    It is the most succesful brand we carry, people just love them!

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