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Thread: Labs: Stop gradient tinting!

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    Labs: Stop gradient tinting!

    NuPolar Gradient polarized polycarbonate SFSV lenses come with the gradient built in!

    NuPolar Gradient lenses offer:
    New encapsulated gradient technology that won't fade or discolor
    Consistent matching
    NuPolar® polarization
    Rx range: -5.00 to +4.00
    Choice of gray or brown

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Labs: Order from Younger Optics at 800-366-5367. Younger can help with free marketing. Just talk to your Younger representative!
    ECPs: Order from your favorite laboratory!

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    Just received my first job with Brown Polar (thru CSC.) While I wish the brown was a darker hue it was very nice to look at and look through. Pt hasn't picked up yet so I may update once I get her feedback. Thankful for the option tho!

    Now where's the trivex option? heh

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