The Vision Council Educates Against Digital Eye Strain with the Latest Lens Technology at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show
Nearly 95 Percent of Americans at Risk for Digital Eye Strain with Increased Device Use

Alexandria, VA (January 7, 2015) – As thousands of new digital devices and wearable technologies are tested by more than 150,000 attendees at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week in Las Vegas, The Vision Council is on hand to help users protect their eye`s from digital eye strain, a growing health concern for consumers of electronics.

Findings of The Vision Council’s new report examining the impact of digital media on vision health – released today at the International Consumer Electronics Show – reveal that nearly 95 percent of Americans spend two or more hours every day on digital devices, permeating all aspects of our personal lives. The report found that the majority of Americans experience Digital Eye Strain as a result – an issue that is compounded by a severe lack of awareness about how this use affects our eyes and vision health.

In an effort to educate avid digital device users, The Vision Council is connecting with CES attendees about the benefits of computer glasses and coatings, demonstrating the latest in computer eyewear technology and teaching additional ways for individuals to minimize digital eye strain.

“Many people assume digital eye strain is an unavoidable part of living in a digital world, but there are simple ways to ease the strain on eyes,” said Mike Daley, CEO of The Vision Council. “The vision community as a whole has identified technology use as a challenge for eye comfort and health. As a result, over the past several years, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of innovation to help reduce the strain to eyes that many experience from digital devices, and The Vision Council is working to educate consumers on these incredible solutions.”

Show attendees and members of the media stopping by The Vision Council's booth (#73732) are invited to explore how computer eyewear can help people look better, work better, and play better. The booth features medical and lens experts, various computer eyewear technology, and advanced findings from The Vision Council's digital eye strain report.
The report, Hindsight is 20/20/20: Protect Your Eyes from Digital Devices, takes a generational look at digital device use and how each age group is impacted by the surge in overuse. To view or download a copy of the report, visit The Vision Council online at <> .

The Vision Council encourages eye care providers to engage their patients in discussions about healthy vision maintenance, including the impact of their daily electronic device use and the Digital Eye Strain symptoms to monitor for, as well as eyewear options that can reduce symptoms in the future.

Serving as the global voice for vision care products and services, The Vision Council represents the manufacturers and suppliers of the optical industry through education, advocacy and consumer outreach. By sharing the latest in eyewear trends, advances in technology and advice from eyewear experts, The Vision Council serves as a resource to the public looking to learn more about options in eyeglasses and sunglasses.

The Vision Council is exhibiting at CES and FashionWares TechZone. Find us in CES Tech West at The Sands in the Venetian at booth 73732 in Hall B.