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Thread: VSP and EYEMED down

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallboy View Post
    I'm just frustrated 3 days without servers, No more Fendi, no Michael Kohrs. Plus I've gotten some terrible jobs from some VSP one labs, granted they are fixing them but I was just venting Race, thats all.
    Venting...something I can relate to right
    Also I am paranoid that there is going to be a war of attrition that will happen. Sure there may not be "forcing" but the pie will get smaller and smaller until there is nothing left but VSP branded frames, Lenses and Opticals, this will destroy and change the "brand" of VSP up until now, which has been about quality.
    no doubt there's going to be consolidation in both the world of ECP's up through more labs and vendors. It's clear and everyone knows it. So if we all know it, then the solution isn't difficult to see either. Everyone has an end-game, some sooner than others and some will end well and some won't. Again, I think we all know how it will end for us, so let's continue to work to insure it ends in our favor.

    I know that sounds paranoid, just a feeling. At some point it will give and more and more people will go back to private pay, which wouldn't be terrible I guess...
    Meh...I don't see it ending in private pay vs managed care, but I do know that it will likely end up more in the name of retail vs what we have today. Now you can likely better understand why I'm pursuing what I am so forcefully. I'm hellbent on not being driven out.

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    As usual the thread has morphed.

    Things seem back to normal concerning access so my take away is that managed care providers have crunched the numbers and as this happens every year and nothing gets changed it must not be cost effective to add the servers and support help necessary to keep this from happening again next year. So I'd suggest you be prepared for it by planning to work after hours, especially on the east coast.

    I also think having the patient come in with their benefit plan print out would also help you quote a more accurate cost explaining the last minute rush and its consequences. If they can't access the site then I'll bet you'd see something done. besides, the vast majority of patients will understand as they know they've for whatever reason have been putting it off.

    Now regarding the issue of managed care not being in the providers best interest perhaps it's time to reconsider how insurance and other corporations have effectively muscled into our business and patient care and try a new way- but that would involve a political discussion which is now taboo.

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