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Guy gets out of his very nice luxury Cadillac that has a "I earned a Purple Heart" license plate on it. He's probably in his late 70's, using a cane to walk. Comes in and shows me a pair of glasses that have obviously been chewed on by a medium to large sized dog, judging by the teeth marks in the lenses. He says to me "Darn dog chewed me glasses. I know that probably isn't covered by the warranty. What do I need to do to get a new pair?" Sir, just for being honest with me about what happened to them, I do believe those lenses are covered under the scratch warranty.

Lady comes in, probably mid 50's, lots of flashy jewelry, probably 15 rings on 8 fingers, and a visible cloud of perfume. Gives me the remains of a pair of glasses that were probably chewed on by a large dog, or possibly a bear. "Ah don't know what could have happened. I put them in the case in my nightstand drawer last night, and when I woke up this morning they were just like this! You can just make me a new pair under warranty can't cha?" First lets get a new frame for you. By the way, how old is your dog? "Oh he's just going on 6 months old now.... .... .... Now how did you know I had a dog?" Because that's what happened to these glasses. Nice of your dog to put them back in their case in your nightstand when he was done with them. No, this sort of damage isn't covered by any warranty, a new pair will be a full price.