Our multi- physician practice includes sub specialties in retina, glaucoma, and comprehensive/cataracts and are the leaders in the delivery of outstanding ophthalmic patient care in the area. Our Ophthalmic family has been together for many years, some as long as 12 years, most around 7 years. Our patients love the outstanding patient care and friendly faces. Consider us for your long term, easy to work with group. Great news for you!

Our day in day out M-F duties include:

preliminary work up of the patient,

including hrt & oct

visual fields

manual refractions

goldmann tonometry

certifications of COA, COT are highly encouraged

we also provide the platform for your success in certifying and continuing your ophthalmic career!

in return - our practice provides above average benefits including paid time off, medical insurance, 401k and a great work environment.

We realize you are one in a million!

Joining a practice is a big decision, we understand that and offer you the opportunity to learn more through confidential conversations. You do not need to be actively looking for another job to engage in an exploratory conversation. If you're slightly interested or intrigued by the position, we'll start with a very low-key discussion.

to apply for our career send your resume to charisse@imatters.net. fax 866.461.4097, chat: 866.412.4115 and see this and other careers at www.imatters.net

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