Our multi-specialty, Ophthalmology practice is growing, patients love us and our Physicians knock it out of the park! That’s where you come in, continuing this stellar care requires you.

Come join us in the practice as our ophthalmic technician experience includes:

- manual refractions

- applanation tonometry


-Humphrey visual field testing

Why us? We have the latest in lasik procedures and premium IOL's, these premier procedures along with the best staff, will bring the best value to our practice and your compensation!

Our patients are our priority and we focus on providing the best patient care possible

We value our employees too!

With onsite, online and in-service training, we provide the tools to better your career, as well as certifications of COA and COT are paid by the practice.

It’s easy to love your job when you are working for our practice.

Not from the area? No worries, Louisville is known for our sluggers, sliders and great music. Our cost of living is low and quality of life is high. Outdoor sports, and indoor lounges await you for nights and weekends away from your love of eyes.

We realize you are one in a million! Joining a practice is a big decision, we understand that and offer you the opportunity to learn more through confidential conversations. You do not need to be actively looking for another job to engage in an exploratory conversation. If you're slightly interested or intrigued by the position, we'll start with a very low-key discussion.

to apply for our career – send your resume to charisse@imatters.net. fax 866.461.4097, chat: 866.412.4115 and see this and other careers at www.imatters.net