Younger Optics releases NuPolar® Gradient Lenses

Now your style-conscious patients can get the gradient they desire with the polarization they need! NuPolar Gradient polycarbonate SFSV lenses are now available in gray and brown.

Gradient lenses are highly desired by wearers; however, most do not offer the high-efficiency glare blocking power of polarization. NuPolar Gradient lenses offer a 98% polarization coefficient, which means blinding glare is blocked almost entirely.

Ordinary gradient lenses are tinted on the surface using a painstaking process that can sometimes provide undesirable or inconsistent results. NuPolar Gradient lenses are different, because the gradient is encapsulated within the lens as part of the polarizing film. This patented Encapsulated Gradient Technology prevents fading and discoloration of the lens over time. It also completely removes the need to surface tint the lens, meaning consistent matching every time.

SV Rx Range: -5.00 to +4.00
Base Curves: 4 & 6 (8-base coming soon)

NuPolar Gradient lenses are available to eyecare professionals through their optical laboratory. Labs may contact their Younger Optics representative for more information.

NuPolar is a registered trademark of Younger Mfg. Co.