we are a rapidly growing boutique optical, which attributes our success to the efforts and passion of our opticians and best eyewear collections. we see things differently - being part of our team represents a great opportunity for you to develop skills, to grow in an international environment, to participate in challenging projects and make a difference. A day in the life is different, than corporate boutiques, customize your eyewear collections, from prada, la eyeworks, to seraphin have a fav you want to bring to us? Lets talk!

we love eyewear – its much more than simple accessory, each of us has taken apart a frame, sold the “best pair ever” and even called them pieces of art. in our world– customer’s sporting our eyewear make heads turn - we can promise, cross our hearts, that you too, will fall for us.

we recognize you are one in a million, so let’s start with a confidential conversation about your goals, and our company, Charisse can chat for days about us.

Ready to make the move, why don’t you just send us your resume so we can meet you and fall for you and your career.
- experienced boutique eyewear dispensers and abo certified opticians with team skills and managing please start your day off walking into your boutique dispensary.

We realize you are one in a million! Relocation assistance is available, education and benefits that mirror your awesomeness.
Joining a practice is a big decision, we understand that and offer you the opportunity to learn more through confidential conversations. You do not need to be actively looking for another job to engage in an exploratory conversation. If you're slightly interested or intrigued by the position, we'll start with a very low-key discussion.

to apply for our career – send your resume to charisse@imatters.net. fax 866.461.4097, chat: 866.412.4115 and see this and other careers at www.imatters.net
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