OptiBoard and the entire industry is mourning the loss of one of the truly great people in our industry, Darryl Meister.

I am still in shock. When I was Manager of Technical Services at Sola in the late 80s/early 90s, I remember talking to this bright young Optician from the Mid-West and was immediately impressed with not only the depth of his optical knowledge, but also his enthusiasm for everything optical related. So impressed in fact, that I told my boss Mark Shupnick about him saying that this is exactly the kind of person that comes along once in a great while and that we should see if we could hire him, which we did. It wasn't long before I realized that he was destined for optical greatness and would one day be seen as one of the venerable elder statesman in this industry.

Sadly he passed away before reaching that 'elder' status, but there is no doubt in my mind and those of anyone who has come to know him over the years that he was, and continued to remain, one of most talented and knowledgeable people in our industry. The optical world has lost one of it's brightest lights, and as a consequence our world is a lot dimmer now.

R.I.P my friend.