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Thread: Refracting Opticians

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    Refracting Opticians

    Sam Johnshon, Texas, is looking for refracting opticians to help with a project. See < >. Click on the LIFE project in the lower section of the page.

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    I will be participating in the LIFE project this weekend. By way of a little personal info, I am the current president of the Texas Ophthalmic Professionals Society. We are the largest Texas organization for opticians and technicians. Several of our members will be assisting ROATx in this worthy endeavor.

    Texas opticians are NOT allowed to refract on their own, NOR under an optometrist. Of course, with MD permission anything is possible. Ther are many opticians who have completed the OAA 100 hr Refraction Course who have made such arrangements with MDs around the state. Some work hand in hand with the MD in the same office or building, some are across state from each other.

    Only a court case or a legislative change will settle the validity of these refracting opticians.

    I was in the first Texas class to complete the OAA course given in San Antonio a few years back. However, I don't not refract on a routine basis. I do applaud those who have taken the step and are attemping to set a standard for the rest of us.

    The LIFE project is a worthy cause and the citizens will benefit greatly from the skills of all 3 Os involved.

    Carol D

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