I am very pleased to announce that FEA Industries has agreed to become the main sponsor of OptiBoard. As explained by FEA President Bill Heffner, "FEA is proud to be the primary sponsor of OptiBoard for the next year. We recognize that OptiBoard is a major channel for unbiased communication for the optical industry and must be available to everyone."

Bill started FEA in the basement of his house 30 years ago and in an industry that is seeing more and more centralization, FEA has grown to become the 5th largest independent lab in the U.S. by focusing on providing customers with the cutting-edge in lens technology.

"In our AR coating facility, we have a wide range of coatings, which include standard AR, mirrors, and even blue-light anti-reflective coatings. Our in-house Independence® AR with U.V. comes with a lifetime patient replacement warranty. In our free-form lens designs, we offer a full complement of IOT designs. Today, we are the only lab in the US that offers fifteen different free-form designs in mineral glass including 1.80 index," explained Bill.

Please join me in welcoming and thanking FEA Industries for their commitment to the independent eyecare community.