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Thread: Lightly Used Santinelli Nidek LEX-1000 PLB8 N/T Rimless Edger with ICE mini+ blocker

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    Lightly Used Santinelli Nidek LEX-1000 PLB8 N/T Rimless Edger with ICE mini+ blocker

    Lightly Used Santinelli Nidek LEX-1000 PLB8 N/T Rimless Edger and ICE mini+ blocker. Consolidating our edging, this unit was in our small satellite office for less than a year. ONLY 2,000 CUTS.

    Asking $25k obo. Flat $500 domestic shipping or pickup in East Tennessee.
    Call Scott at 423-307-9478

    Click image for larger version. 

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    NIDEK’s new LEX Lens Edger Series features the highly intuitive LEX-1000 Edger, engineered with the most advanced technology available on the market.

    Its unique functions enable eyecare professionals to confidently handle even the most challenging jobs in-house to increase profits.

    The World’s First Retail Edger to Make Glazing High Base Curve Lenses Simple

    Features :

    Minimum B measurement of 15.5mm for today’s smaller frames

    Built in fully programmable and adjustable high curve beveling

    Bevel set position can be put to front, rear or any position and ratio

    Can glaze up to 10 or 12 base lenses

    Grooves, Safety Bevel & Polishes

    Cuts all lens materials

    Advanced soft grinding mode for processing super hydrophobic coats without the risk of slippage

    The feature rich LEX Series offers five different system configurations, representing the widest array of choices available in the market. The product range offers the ability to customize a system that best meets your needs based on practice size, volume and budget.

    Add on Drill – upgrade your system to rimless glazing at any time of your choice with the retro-fit LEX Drill.

    High quality drilling – 3D drilling from 0 to 30 degrees made easy, even challenging drilling such as twin holes, slots, rectangular holes, jewel holes or counter sunk holes.

    Slim design – at only 14.5cm wide the LEX Drill can fit into the smallest of Laboratories or Workshops.

    Minimum 15.5 mm “B” dimension can be processed with the new Nano Cup/Block. You can process super hydrophobic lenses without worry about axis shift with the use of the new pliable ring adapter.


    Information Bar

    Even first-time users can easily operate the Lex-1000 using the Information Bar which provides useful “next-step” information.

    3-D Bevel Simulation

    Sophisticated 3-D bevel simulation allows you to check the placement of the bevel as if viewing the actual lens from any selected angle.

    Color-coded Lens Identification

    To aid the lens edging process, the display of the Lex-1000 utilizes a color-coding system adapted from navigational light colors, to identify right and left lenses: green represents the right lens and red represents the left lens. Red and green cups (blocks) are included. You can avoid processing the wrong lens by following the color-prompted indicator on the display.

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