Santinelli Nidek LE-9000EX Express N/T (no tracer) Edger
****ONLY 1090 CUTS!!!****
Warranties, install and training is also available.

Used Santinelli Nidek LE-9000EX Express N/T Edger

Faster Processing & Edging
Direct Drive Wheel Motor
Simple to Use
Robust Engineering and Construction
Seamless Integration with The ICE-9000
Fully Automatic
NIDEK's EX series of patternless edgers provides automatic
SFB and grooving, with a new multidisk arm that grooves
and SFB in one operation. The optimal chamfering amount can be
set by selection of chamfering parameters. Grooving is achieved
automatically with pin-point accuracy.
New High Speed Motor
The pursuit of speed and quality never ends. With its new high speed
motor the LE-9000EX Express exceeds our conventional model’s
speed by far. Furthermore, thanks to the improved internal mechanism,
it can achieve beautifully finished lenses and greater bevel
control than our conventional model.
Mirror Polish
LE-9000's "Mirror Polishing" produces mirror-like lenses.
Rimless and half rim lenses can be polished extremely precisely with
no additional buffing time required. The LE-9000SX PLB
provides easy and accurate bevel mirror polishing.
High Quality
The newly developed 3D tracing & lens measurement feature provides
accurate frame and lens measurements, ultimately offering a
perfect finish. Thirty-two thousands data points per processing round
ensures a precise fit.
Frame Memory
One hundred framed shapes can be stored in memory, and with the
optional bar-code reader, up to 500 shapes can be stored. This
improves efficiency, saves time and storage space.
Flexible & Versatile
The LE-9000EX Express can process any type of lens materials including
glass, plastic, polycarbonate, acrylic, and high index
plastic lenses in order to meet your customers’needs

The edger has been completely refinished!

100% Cosmetic
100% Operations
0% No blocker included
LE-9000 Operational Manual (PDF also available)
90% Accessory Kit
20 Blocks ( Nidek half eye cup)
100% Direct Water (Included)

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The Finishing Lab is only a broker and in no way own this machine. This machine is sold 100% AS IS. If the system is bought you understand 100% what you are buying. We in no way accept returns once the edger has shipped from the Finishing Lab.
Please email us with any questions before bidding or buying. If paying with Paypal, a 3% charge will be added at check out. Credit cards accepted direct add 3% Other payment options are a business check and the equipment will ship once it clears and of course local pickup is always an option.

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