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    Need help identifying PAL

    I have a patient who came in with 2 PALS - one from 2008, the other from 2012. When trying to identify the PAL design - I was stumped. He insisted that one design was Nikon, and the other SEIKO, yet both lenses had similar markings. The first had nasal markings of (top to bottom) VA, O, and something that either looked like 59 joined together or S3 joined together. The other has just V with the same O and weird 59/S3 looking symbol (top to bottom again). I've looked in my books (2013, 2011, 2007) - can't find the design at all. I need help! - Would appreciate advice from anyone who can confirm if they are in fact SEIKO or something else!

    Thanks for the replies ahead of time!

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    The 59 is probably refractive index (1.59 poly). The SeeMax uses a circle at the nasal, refractive index below, and characters above to indicate inset value, but I don't know if the characters used include V and/or VA.

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    They could be some private label PAL's (like IOT designs) that a particular lab has put their own engravings on, so therefore, they won't be in the PAL Identifier. Some PAL's now have the material, corridor length, if they're Transitions, and even the patient's initials engraved on them.

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