ZEISS Great Lakes Lab Creates Special Eyeglass Lenses for Blind Toddler
High-Power Plus Lenses Maximize Light Reception

SAN DIEGO (March 5, 2014) – Helping a 19-month old little girl to gain her vision after being born without the ability to see, ZEISS’ Great Lakes lab created a special pair of high- plus eyeglasses.
“During our World Sight Day mission, I received a phone call from one of my customers asking if we could make a special pair of lenses for her niece, Elaina Faith Parker (“Lainey”), who was born prematurely and suffered from a detached retina in each eye, resulting in blindness,” said Jeff Eisenberg, ABOC, Lab Manager, USRX-GL, ZEISS. “I was thrilled to help this little girl out, knowing that ZEISS technology could potentially make an improvement in her vision and a difference in her life. It meant everything to us.”

ZEISS created these special lenses for Elaina after her mother Wendy Parker found herself out of a job due to a life-threatening medical situation. That left Parker, a single mom, with a new baby and no way to pay medical bills. Making the +15D toric polycarbonate lenses was a special challenge, requiring manual fining to make them as thin as possible.

The severity of Elaina’s retinal scarring makes it impossible to restore her sight with current technology and methods. However, the glasses maximize her light reception. Over time she will develop the ability to perceive both light and shade, which will enhance her perception of the world around her and increase her freedom of movement.

“The glasses are absolutely perfect! They are so well made, and light as you could make them with the prescription required for Elaina’s vision loss,” said Wendy Parker. “We are learning to take one day at a time. I was deeply touched to receive the eyeglasses, as this has been quite a difficult time. Elaina is adjusting well to her glasses, and even asks for them when they are not on.”
ZEISS is still in contact with the family, and expect them to visit the lab when they are in Michigan for their next appointment at a hospital just a few miles away. This will be the first time Elaina will meet the team behind the creation of her special glasses.

To help collect tax deductible donations for Baby Elaina's ongoing medical costs, Baby Elaina's Eyesight Foundation EIN# 46-1452296 has been set up as a 501(c)(3). Readers interested in donating can do so at http://www.gofundme.com/6f3yxg, or by check made payable to: "Baby Elaina's Eyesight Foundation" TD Bank, 131 East Macdade Boulevard, Folsom, PA, 19033. Wendy truly appreciates all support and Elaina’s progress can be followed on her facebook page “Live Love Lainey”

Photo: Elaina with her mother, Wendy Parker.

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