Our location in Delray Beach is perfect for an expert optician. As our new team member, we see you fitting and dispensing a great selection of eyewear, including sunwear – as we are very close to the beach! We carry a variety of premium lenses including Zeiss, Essilor and Hoya, as well as anti-reflective coatings for those super stylish eyewear purchases. Love using a lensometer to see expertly produced lenses? Great, we have them too!.
Hit the beach, browse through world class museums, or stroll along streets lined with graceful Mediterranean-style architecture. Whatever your taste, we offer everything under the sun.
Love time off? Sure we have that, weekends – those are yours to kick back and relax, and a benefit package which includes medical and dental care and a retirement plan can’t be beat.
Let’s get started today, by sending your resume to our dedicated spokesperson charisse, email charisse@imatters.net, fax 866.461.4097, talk confidentially about your career at 866.412.4115 x 700. see your career at www.imatters.net
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