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Thread: Management Software system reviews

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    Management Software system reviews

    I am currently not using a software program in my office. I know, I'm old and techno-tarded. What are your recommendations and why? I use QuickBooks for my accounting software.

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    Excel for internal accounting and for employees time tracking, direct deposit and taxes.

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    Well if you want to spend lots of $, get Quickbooks POS. Its a turn key solution and it can cover all aspects of running the business. You just choose what modules you want to buy. I'm partner in a small jewelry store on the side and we were going to use QB POS but its too much $$ right now. A simple and free POS/inventory/reporting solution is Square POS. I connects to an Ipad and you take picture and build your inventory details. It has the ipad/iphone credit card swiper and bingo your done. The hardest part is building the inventory. THis is what we use at the jewelry store and it works well. We also barcoded everything and attached a blue tooth barcode scanner to the ipad.

    At my optical we use and EHR solution so that makes no sense for you unless you employ a doctor. If you are interested in EHR solutions then you can message me. I rolled out two different EHR packages for two different doctors offices. Its a big, expensive, and difficult transition!

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