Are you buying a new Santinelli edger in 2013 for tax section 179?
If so get the most out of your trade-in! We'll sell your trade for $5,000.00-$35,000.00 CASH!!

We'll Sell Your Edger Services:

Is your Santinelli edger just sitting around collecting dust?
Do you want to upgrade to a new system but you're not getting what you think your old edger is worth as a trade-in?
Get top dollar for your old used edger today!

No Upfront Cost!
Just Ship or Drop off your edger to the Finishing Lab and then we do the rest!

  • We do a complete service
  • We place it up for sale
  • We sell it
  • We collect the money
  • We ship it
  • We pay you CASH!

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