My ICE-2000 intelligent blocker decided to die on Friday morning. Santinelli, doesn't service this piece of equipment because, "the ICE-2000 is really old." This blocker is 11 yrs old...but has been very well taken care of and has in no way been abused or over worked.

I was told by Santinelli that the closest intelligent blocker to the ICE-2000 is the ICE-1000 which carries a price tag of $19,000.

A little searching on the internet brought me to this company, Optical Equipment Center. Their price tag for the ICE-1000 was $2,475. Other than their ICE-1000 being a refurbished model...I can't see why there is such a large difference in price.

Is anyone currently using an ICE-1000 intelligent blocker? Pro's/con's?

Is anyone using an ICE-1000 intelligent blocker with a Santinelli (Nidek) LE-9000SX edger? Pro's/con's?

Has anyone done business with the Optical Equipment Center?

Your thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated. :)