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Thread: A way for independents to compete and BEAT the chains

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    A way for independents to compete and BEAT the chains

    We have all heard of 1-800-CONTACTS. What if you could create your own brand that was just as memorable as that?

    I want to introduce you to 1-800-MY-EYE-DOC. It is a marketing program designed for eye care professionals that advertise. It is sold to only one practice in each area code. You may take one or multiple areas but there will never be two practices in the same market. It is not a franchise or a pay-per-lead service. It is a branding strategy to help you get more referrals and a better response from your advertising.

    If you are the type of practice that 1-800-MY-EYE-DOC is intended for then you can learn more by visiting:

    Contact: Bruno Tabbi
    1-800-STRONG-SALES ext. 2

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    Another great way to compete is to link up with an independent lab that sells private label designs...

    Become more profitable and lower your bottom line especially for private pay patients.

    Why give your business to the very folks that you are competing with?

    Now is time to take back ground and stop allowing (you know who) to make profits on both ends while the ECP does all the hard work and they sit back and collect your hard earned money every month and then turn around and entice your patients to buy online.

    The care and service is what is most important and when you can provide a top quality products that can compete with Branded designs for more than half the price! (and I would go as far as saying many of the designs preform just as well or better!)

    The day and age is here that independent labs now have the ability to create and control products that are top quality, which means you save and have more versatility than ever before! Most consumers don't know brand names... They just want great service, care and the best vision possible.

    Lets make a shift in how we operate our ECP's and become stronger by staying loyal to private label and support each-other instead of just giving it away because it is popular or it takes a little bit more time to invest into new products, we are really missing out and when we finally realize just how much power we all have, we start to stand together and support each other, there are options!!!

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