I am very pleased to announce that we have added a new forum to OptiBoard - The Opticianry Summit Foundation

This project is being lead on OptiBoard by Wes Scott, a member of OptiBoard since 2007. Mr. Scott is an Optician with the Department of Defense’s Opticianry Fabrication Enterprise, and has been in the Opticianry profession for over 20 years. He was trained as an optical laboratory specialist by the U.S. Army, and managed small and large labs and a hospital training program while serving honorably for 12 years. Mr. Scott has earned an MBA, is a founding member of the Society to Advance Opticianry and an officer of the board of the Opticianry Summit Foundation, is a Licensed Optician in South Carolina, and holds the titles Ophthalmic Optician and Master in Ophthalmic Optics.

According to Wes, the purpose of the OSF is to create a shared vision for Opticianry, a practical strategic plan and commitment to action. This work is being done by the Opticianry Summit Steward Team which includes:

Ed DeGennaro, MEd, ABOM, LDO, will serve as chairman of the organization and an initial board of directors has been named, including:
• Ed DeGennaro, Chairman
• Sam Morgenstern, Vice Chairman
• Wesley Scott, Secretary
• John Girdler, Treasurer
• Tom Barracato
• Dianna Finisecy
• Tom Hicks
• Doug Pelkey

"We know that opticians play a critical role in the delivery of eyewear and eyecare to patient," said DeGennaro. "The project and goals created after the summit, will pave the way for opticians to be optimally suited to deliver the best to their patients. By creating this new foundation, we can allow others in the optical community to contribute to this important effort."

For the remainder of 2012, the Opticianry Summit Foundation Board of Directors will continue communicating with Summit attendees and the Opticianry community at large, as well as develop bylaws, fundraising plans as well as further the projects and goals as identified in the summit. For more information about the Opticianry Summit, visit www.opticianrysummit.com.