I have a Weco 480 or 440 Trace and Edge Control panel for sale. The panel screen is bright and in good working condition. It also includes the black support arm and all cables. Weco parts quotes 8500 for new and 6500 for rebuilt with a rebuildable core. I will take much less. Make offer.

Also I have a large Coburn Ceramic handstone with motor for sale. Heavy cast iron with large diameter wheel. Great for lab that does lots of glass work. Cuts glass or plastic. 500.00 or best reasonable offer.

Have two Weco 463 edgers that will cannabilize for parts.

Have Eagle and Hudson safety frames I might sell. Some pilot and square mens shapes and some mens and ladies plastics. Also some ladies larger plastics and metals street wear and non polarized sunglasses.

Interested in buying;

a. Logo rimless groover in good condition

b. Plastic and Poly edging wheels for Weco 440 or 480 Rough and finish.

c. Lens edge polisher

d. digital pupilometer like Essilor

e. Or and if price is really right, possibly a patternless edger that is NOT dry cut.

Call 918 251 6442 ask for George