This is an older story, but since no one has mentioned it I thought I would bring it up here.

There are cross lawsuits by VSP, Indizen (IOT), Younger (IOT's parent) vs. Essilor.

Essilor is instisting that the Unity PLx violates patents on the Definity (know owned by Essilor), VSP and IOT are suing saying that those patents are invalid, and not filed according to US Law.

I (and others) have mentioned on Optiboard numerous times that IOT was supplying the designs for the VSP Unity lens, but denied it. Racethe1320 of course said that info is bogus, and VSP says their lenses were designed by their own in-house design team. Its obvious now that at least one Unity Lens, the PLx is an IOT design. I imagine that other VSP Unity lenses come from different sources.

As always, the lawyers win.