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Thread: drill mount standards

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    drill mount standards

    Hi, I am looking for a hard copy of the standards for the drill mount frames. Anyone know where I can print out a copy. Thanks for the help.

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    Standards? We don't need any stinkin' standards!

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    Blue Jumper Drill mount guide fopr Polycarbonate .................................

    There is a "Drill mount guide for Polycarbonate Lenses" published by Visison Ease, if that is what you are looking for :

    Vision-Ease Lens, Inc.

    Edge lens to desired shape and size.
    Safety bevel both sides of lens after rimless edging procedures.
    Edge polishing and tinting should be done prior to drilling.

    Drill lenses prior to anti-reflection coating.
    Mark horizontal axis/ 180-degree line on each lens with a water-soluble pen; duplicate pattern axis line if no prescription axis is applicable.
    With a felt-tip pen, carefully place a dot at each drilling location on the lens front and verify correct positioning.
    Location should be double- checked for accuracy to +/-0.5mm.

    Polycarbonate cuts best with a sharp burr operated at low speed and minimal to moderate pressure. Twist style drills, cutting less aggressively, often leave subsurface damage.
    Place lens with front towards drill bit and slowly operate drill through lens; back drill bit out of hole often to remove cutting debris that will increase heat damage.
    Be sure to chamfer around the hole when finished drilling. (Much like safety beveling after edging)
    Note that excessive pressures and speed create damaging heat, which may create eventual fractures.
    An extra precautionary step to avoid fractures would be to place a drop of OMS Drillseal into the hole. Distribute the Drillseal evenly with a toothpick. This will seal the hole and it dries instantly. Please note the dropper may gel if left in the bottle.

    Cleaning should be done prior to mounting with warm soapy water with a clean water rinse.
    Wiping should be minimized to avoid abrasion from cutting debris.
    Assemble lenses with appropriate hardware, minimizing excess tension.
    Frames should be fully aligned and formed to lens prior to final assembly.
    Excess stress on assembled eyewear may eventually create fractures. Use of plastic bushings is recommended.


    Mounted lenses should be inspected for excess stress, correct positioning, and alignment

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    Quote Originally Posted by nancyshope1 View Post
    Hi, I am looking for a hard copy of the standards for the drill mount frames. Anyone know where I can print out a copy. Thanks for the help.
    Use trivex and a Santinelli ME1200. Nothing else necessary.

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    Where ever you print your copy of ANSI Z80.1-2010 and ANSI Z87.1-2010 (and ANSI Z80.3 for non-prescription sunglasses not covered by any other standard) from (yes, Onguard at least makes drill mount safety frames). I get mine from the ANSI website because I like to have the full standard, not just the 2 page short version.

    If you're looking for lens thickness standards for dress drill mount frames there aren't any. There aren't any thickness standards in Z80.1 at all. As long as it passes the impact tests, you can have the thickness whatever you want. Practically speaking however, a certain thickness for a given material is usually needed to pass those tests. But there is no numerical standard for them.

    And I agree with Craig on Trivex as first and absolute best choice, with my second being MR-10 1.67. But definitely the ME-1200 (we've got two).
    There are rules. Knowing those are easy. There are exceptions to the rules. Knowing those are easy. Knowing when to use them is slightly less easy. There are exceptions to the exceptions. Knowing those is a little more tricky, and know when to use those is even more so. Our industry is FULL of all of the above.

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