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Thread: tint samples?

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    tint samples?

    I am trying to get some tint samples to help customers who want prescription or custom plano suns. Previously, I managed optical stores with labs, so we would just make our own. At my current store, we only have sample lenses in variations of browns and greys. I spoke with one of our labs and they said for other colors to send them a sample and they can match it - my problem is that almost none of the sunglass styles we carry have unusual or fashion tints - they only have the customary versions of brown/gry/G-15. Any suggestions? I would love them to be tinted blanks, not edged, to put in with my current meager tint sample kit...thanks!

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    Contact dye suppliers.....they may be able to help.

    I think making your own is the best way to truly represent what you are supplying. The logic is that your water conditions, and type used truly makes the dye unique, and allows you to alter the sample as your preference, and patient fashion decisions change. Dye lots vary, and eventually that Mocha Scmoka color you used to get from Fru Fru optical will evolve int Coconut swirl..........

    I only use manufacturer samples(IF I CAN GET SOME) to show what the lens manufacter's tint will look like.
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    From a lab perspective, I'm a bit surprised that your lab didn't offer to make you some samples. I know we can match almost any color (I still do a few every now and then to remember how), but we also do samples by request. Nothing ridiculous like 50 different shades of grey (yes, that was intentional), but if you want to see what our blue/pink double gradient looks like, we would send you a sample (yes, I remember those too).

    The trouble is, most fashion tints are just variations on Grey/Brown/Green. I'll probably be roasted for saying this, but visit some of your competitors to see what they have. You may get some ideas of what you want, and some even better ideas of what to try that they don't have to set yourself apart from them.
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    You need a lab that will supply you with named samples. If you must send in your samples, you will be without it. You want a set you can keep and order from. Any lab worth it's salt will do this for you.

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    I used to just dye my own, however since we do not have a lab anymore, I asked my lab to make me some samples and all I submitted to them was this: Grey Solid #1-#3, Brown Solid #1-#3, G15 Solid #3, Purple solid #2, Blue Solid #1, Blue Solid #3, Pink Solid #1, Brown Gradient #3, Grey Gradient #3, Yellow Solid #1. They didn't even charge me. Its a simple task and also a helpful tool when demonstrating to a patient what colors are available. If your looking for a kit already made and to buy as a whole, contact BPI. I'm sure they sell a simple set of tint samples.

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