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Thread: Lots of equipment and optical displays

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    Lots of equipment and optical displays

    Complete dispensary: Fashion Optical Liteline Illuminated: Frame wall units, half hexes, mirrors, rotating hexes, corner showcases, dispensing tables, beautiful glass/mirror locking display case, two pneumatic stools and six patient chairs. Easily fits in a 12x20 room. Easy to mount with included mounting brackets. Lifts on and off. Most pieces are "like new", however, a few pieces have a few dings, but not noticeable and easily repairable. Also, some of the pegs are missing but can easily be replaced with new ones from Fashion Optical Design in Paradise, California. Color is Mauve and Gray laminate. Local pickup or arrange for shipping.
    See pics at:

    Plus lots more, such as: hand held instruments, Schioetz tonometer, eye model, computers, LCD monitors, desk calculators, desk, 12-phone multi-line phone system, file cabinet, heat hardener, Action tint gradient, AIT pattern edger, Vigor ultrasonic, etc.

    Email me at: or call: 978-582-9056, or cell 978-502-9434
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