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Thread: Need some Marchon temple tips...

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    Need some Marchon temple tips...

    Now that I'm no longer working somewhere with frame accounts, I find myself in the position of the typical eyewear consumer (i.e., up the creek sans paddle).

    Do any of you fine folks out there have access to some Marchon temple tips? Specifically, I need a tan set for an Airlock frame (the little bulb at the end has snapped off and the jagged edge is scratching the bajeezus outta me!), and a set of the spongy tips that go on the Tiger Woods Nike sunglasses (the silly things slip right off, which is probably why Marchon has altered the design in new releases...).

    I would certainly appreciate (i.e., be willing to pay for s&h and the part costs) anyone who could supply these to me!

    Pete Hanlin, ABOM
    Sr. Director Professional Solutions
    Essilor of America

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    I'll call and get these for you. E-mail me with your address.

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