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Thread: Weco Formtracer trouble code

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    Weco Formtracer trouble code

    I was looking at purchasing a Weco Formtracer FT3-D+ as a back up tracer but on try out it and first turning on in the morning it shows a trouble code "TMO stylus up" and the stylus does not go high enough to enter the frame . After several resets the stylus goes higher after each reset then eventually operates normally for the rest of the day until you turn it off and start over the next day .

    Any thoughts as to what causes this ? The accuracy is perfect. It is like the stylus is sticky but yet that is not the case , when operated by hand there is no impairment of movement.

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    There is a stepper motor that raises the stylus. You will have to open up the box. It may be that one or more of the electrical connections to the motor have loosened over time, or a sensor has gotten full of dust. Use clean, dry compressed air and blow it out real good -- outside if at all possible. You don't want to breathe in the dust!

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