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Thread: Licensed Opticians, your career goals are in Ocean County, NJ!

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    Licensed Opticians, your career goals are in Ocean County, NJ!

    Licensed Opticians! Great news! The grand opening of our optical in Ocean County is coming shortly. We are adding an additional licensed opticianto join us in our move to the new location. Adding to our team will continue to provide quality care and expertise to our established clientele and assist uswith our fast paced business. Our optical will offer eyewear brands, such as Tom Ford, Monte Blanc, and Juicy Couture – as well as most eyewear brands to best suit our new location. Working in the Ocean county area, affords the opportunity to receive a competitive salary and flexible schedule with Saturdays free to enjoy the things you love! Our career opportunity is much like our business, the best for our clients, and the best for your continued growth as a licensed optician. Watch your visions of success become a reality for you - get your career started now!

    To discuss our opportunity, please contact our dedicated spokesperson, charisse at 866.412.4115 x 700, and send your resume to us at
    learn more about this career opportunity #1556 at
    visit for great ways to grow your future through our career postings, all confidentially and at no cost to the candidate.
    new! our education department is open! online webinars each week from writing resumes, to optics, and ophthalmic medical assisting, all from the comfort of your computer! call today to schedule 866.412.4115
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