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Thread: Looking for Kids Frames (close outs, discos, overstocks, etc)

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    Looking for Kids Frames (close outs, discos, overstocks, etc)

    Looking to buy 50-100 children's frames. Boys and Girls. Can be discos, closeouts, etc. Need to be in the<wholesale prices removed as per forum rules>. Would prefer name brands (converse, lucky, Skechers, juicy, Candies, etc).

    PM me with what you've got.


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    Kids frames

    I have a lot of kids frames overstock -closeouts I can send you 100 frames mix for [wholesale price removed as per forum rules]. If this will help you. Brands Otego,Royce,ect. You can call me for order (937)698-4456. Terry at West Milton Optical
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    Retired professional has stock of leftover Kids Frames - Sketchers, X-Games, Flexon, Guess - One low price for all stock!
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