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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    To all my Optiboard friends, may I extend my wishes of a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates! Take care of your loved ones and remember what it is that you are truly thankful for, not the extra 2 pair sale...not the over $1000 sale...but hopefully celebrate your loved ones and all that you hold dear. Please don't forget those amazing men and women across the seas that can't be home with their families this holiday season, so if you could keep a little place in your hearts for them, I am sure they would appreicate it. For those who don't celebrate this holiday, totatally cool....but it can NEVER hurt to be thankful for what you have!!! Love to all!

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    Let's also remember everyone who lost their homes in hurricane Sandy. I'm thankful to have the house I have, kids I love (and like most days), and a husband who provides what we need and some of what we want. Happy thanksgiving optiboard!

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