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Thread: Custom carved prescription lens?

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    Lightbulb Custom carved prescription lens?

    Im kinda of a semi-newb to optics in general, but i had this innocent idea and i dont really know how idiotic it may sound to you, but there it goes. of course this is the only place i found that is probabably suitable for this. So, I just found out i need prescription glasses and i play alot of sports, I already have Oakley sunglasses (switchable lens), and i have no idea if it is possible for other companies to clone the oakley lenses's shape so i can use it on mine and i dont have to buy a whole other pair of glasses for sports. After some research i found out polycarbonate isnt the best choice for prescription lens, so i already have to stay away from Oakley. What choices are out there for me?

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    MEI edger, go to your local independent optician.

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    As far as the optics of polycarbonate lenses, I think it is safe to say (after all of the discussions here) that it depends upon your prescription--how much and what kind of optical correction do you need.

    I am nearsighted and presbyopic. I have been using 1.74 index for my clear lenses (progressive) and polycarbonate for my polarized sunglass lenses (also progressive). I think I see pretty good through these lenses. I haven't experienced my vision being disrupted by the color fringes that others have reported with high index and polycarbonate lenses due to the low Abbe number.

    Just offering my own personal experience.

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    Please follow our posting guidelines HOSA.

    This forum is for Eyecare Professionals. Consumers are allowed to post in the Just Conversation forum and non-optical topics only. Please be aware that any questions involving optics or eyecare may be removed. These kinds of questions should be discussed with a qualified eyecare professional who has examined you and is familiar with your situation.

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